Location: Smyrna
Payment is available for this project.
($120.00 for the day, plus $15 rehearsal per diem per week.)

Casting / Audition Details:
This is a gospel stage play about how the first family of the church comes under a great attack to the point that the leader loses everything and has to face whether or not he wants to fight back or lose his life.

Show will be held March 2, 2013 at the Porter Sanford Theater in Decatur, GA

We will be having mandatory rehearsal every Tues and Thurs in February with the leading week being four days of rehearsal. Rehearsals will be held predominantly in Smyrna, GA. Please do not audition if you can't adhere to this schedule.

Character Breakdown:
Andrea Marquette - Church Administrator and....GOSSIPER! This Character along with her buddy will responsible for the destruction of the ministry because she talk too much!

Age range should be between 25-40

Race doesn't matter. Just have to be a great actress.

The part is small with four to five scenes but VERY key with major dialogue in one scene.

Actress must be able to tap into a very comedic side to carry a scene.

Times, dates & locations:
Video Auditions only! Cut off time will be January 10, 2013.

Must submit video of the two minute monologue for Andrea Marquette located at http://www.movingsoulpresents.com/#!casting/c1qc4 of our website.

Video submissions
City: smyrna
Submission Deadline: 01/10/2013
Contact Name: Phelicia Brown
E-mail: info@movingsoulpresents.com
Contact Phone: n/a
Link: http://www.movingsoulpresents.com