Calling Aspiring/Experienced ActorsWe are a start up Production Company ready to kick off our first web series, Celibate in the City-- a dramedy about a young woman's quest/challenge to remain celibate during the summer. There's plenty of love and laughter along the way.We are looking for creative, dedicated, dependable, and motivated people to help bring this project to life. This is an opportunity to sharpen your craft, gain experience, build your resume', and network with fellow up and comers in the industry.

We are casting for the following roles:

Mari- lead character, African-American, woman, medium complexion, attractive, shoulder length hair, 23-27 years old , 5'3-5'7. Mari is a quirky, eccentric, writer. Her style is trendy with a mix of classic and hippie. She is comfortable with herself yet insecure as well. She is outgoing at times, and shy at times. She is unpredictable. She curses like a sailor but can have an intelligent conversation as well. She is extremely sarcastic and finds beauty and humor in almost everything. She loves a good time, likes to drink and party but knows when to stop. She is well balanced. She can be harsh on herself and judging of others. Has great comedic timing

Ebony- slender, brown skin, attractive, long hair petite, 23-27 years old Ebony is a funny, outspoken person. She tells it like it is, sometimes without a filter. She is very sexual and has no shame about it. She is aggressive and does not back down. Ebony gets what she wants and doesn't care who gets hurt in the process, ruthless. She values her friendships but not more than her relationships. She is also prone to jealousy if she perceives someone is living better than her.

Sky- attractive woman- any ethnicity, any height, 23-27 years oldSky is laid back. She doesn't talk much and is passive. She likes to go out, drink and have fun with friends. She is a good listener and offers advice when deemed necessary. 

Trish- Any ethnicity, 23-27 years old Trish is quiet around strangers but opens up around loved ones. She is guarded and rational. She is not too opinionated about much and listens to both sides of a story before forming an opinion. She is a loving friend who puts others first.

Mike- African American male, attractive, 25-32 years old Mike is charismatic, has "swagger", a professional and dominant. He is also a romantic at times. Work means a lot to him so he can be distant, but he is a cool, likeable, charming guy.

David- African America male, tall, attractive, 25-30 years old David is a guy's guy. He is an athlete who is from a small city. He was raised religiously and is struggling to keep them with his newfound fame as an NBA player where temptation is high.

Ethen- Any ethnicity male, average to attractive, 25- 30 years old Ethen is a funny guy, charismatic, sensitive. Great smile. 

Other Characters (Small roles) 
ServerPreppy dad -- African American, 50s 
Salon Waxer
Extras for club scene - 20 -30 year olds

Auditions will be held on June 15, 20133:00 - 7:30 P.M. at Wonder Root (982 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30316) 

Please respond if you're interested Include: -Name, Age, Brief Summary about yourself-1-2 pictures-Acting/Film Resume'-Demo Reels ( if you have them)