Orensis Films presents… "Besharam Bachelors"
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Please send resumes, head shots, videos (preferred) to info@orensis.com

Shooting 2 Viral Web Commercials Dec 15 & 16th. PG-13 Teen Comedy Humor.

Raj, MALE, 20 to 30. Indian, or able to pass off as Indian. The role has little dialogue, it is all about being expressive in a comedic way, and having comedic timing. Everyman character, someone every guy can relate to.

Vinu / Vanessa, FEMALE, 20 - 30. Indian, Multi-Race, Latino, Asian etc.. Comedic abilities aren't essential, but a definite bonus. Spoilt wife type character.

Young Nerdy Guys. MALE. 20's-Early 30's. Any race, mainly looking for geeky type regular guys with good sense of humor, skinny, fat, all races, no jocks.

Mother, FEMALE, 40 - 60. Indian is preferred, but this role can be played by any comedic Actress.

Father, MALE, 40 - 60. Indian is preferred, but this role can be played by any comedic Actor.

Wildcard, MALE / FEMALE, 20 +. This role is still being decided, but please send in your resumes if you have any comedic ability, good timing and an expressive face.

Honey Do Do, FEMALE. 40+. A comedic dominatrix role. Any race, you need to be brassy, bold and completely comfortable with yourself.

Pay will be provided to actors with experience, and depending on role $50-200 / day. Actors without reels will be expected to take part for expenses only.

Casting Dates & Location: to be arranged on an individual basis.

Shooting Dates & Location: Dec 15th & 16th in Tampa/Orlando
CONTACT PERSON: Trishul Thejasvi (TJ)