It is finally time to start booking our new town scene!! This must be all NEW FACES ONLY--- if you have only been used once before and were in deep background, you are welcome to apply but MUST mention what you were used for and where you were in the scene.

We are looking for males and females, ages 18-75. This is an upper-class, “rich” town with a classic look. Males must be between the pant size of 28-40 and females must be between the sizes of 0-10.

**All who apply must have the following availability**:
There will be a fitting in Wilmington NC at our wardrobe department on either Wed 1/16, Thurs 1/17, or Fri 1/18. You must be available for a fitting, if you have a preference for which day you would like to be fitted…. You can put that in your submission email and we will do our best to accommodate.
A fitting only takes about 20-40 minutes and you will receive a $20 wardrobe payment.

FILMING will be on Tuesday 1.22.13 and Wednesday 1.23.13 in Wilmington NC. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE BOTH DAYS FOR CONTINUITY. Do not apply if you cannot come for a wardrobe fitting and film on both days…we cannot book anyone without the availability needed.
Please keep in mind a typical filming days is 12 hours or more, so please be prepared for two long days.
We hope to see many new faces and we look forward to building this brand new town!

To Apply:
Subject: New Townspeople

Please include:
Phone Number
2 photos
Pant/Shirt/Shoe/Jacket Sizes
Do you have an old bike you could bring and ride?
Have you ever been on the show before? If so…when and what did you do?
Preference of wardrobe fitting day:

**We will email everyone this week, so please keep a close eye on your email for bookings and instructions***