This brand new sitcom is about 3 women who live together in London’s West End. They live life within the entertainment industry. From Parties, gossip, rivalry and relationships,

These women experience it all.

1. Sarah-Jane – 23, popular entertainment blogger, who is always on the look for the exclusives stories. She’s at all the celebrity events from launch parties to premieres. She loves everything to do with the entertainment world. She’s very likeable & a helpless romantic. She speaks before she thinks & her blogs don’t always have the full story as she tends to run with little evidence.

2. Tiffany Woods – 24, She’s a beautiful Model/Actress, very independent, thinks men are only good for one thing. Short tempered, doesn’t believe in love or emotions and treats men like how she thinks they treat women. She is all about her career and doesn’t allow anyone or anything get in the way of that.

3. Kimberly Jones – 26, radio presenter who prefers mature men but always seems to attract unstable men. She was engaged but changed her mind when her ex Richard cheated on her. She’s the mother of the group and is the responsible one. She trusts easy. Her ex Richard keeps trying to get her back but always fails.

4. Richard Morris – 30, Very wealthy and likes to shows off his money. He’s outlandish, rude and thinks very highly of himself. He doesn’t respect and thinks all women must cater to the demands of a man.

5. Warren – 25, author who is smooth, classy and a gentleman. He has a strong build and is very comfortable within himself. He’s ambitious which makes his spare time non existent.

Casting instructions:
Send 3 pictures, your bio and which character you would like to cast for to (Please put WEST END GIRLS in the subject box when
sending email so we know what show you would like to cast for and which character)